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The Problem:

SMMO_Cover_PBOOK007_200SMMO_KindleWho hasn’t experienced it: you’re in the middle of love-making, and you’re doing your best. You struggle not to get too close to your own orgasm, since you’d like to give her one was well. She slowly approaches her climax and cries out, “yes, harder!” or “don’t stop!” or “more, more, just like that!” You know yourself that if you maintain the desired tempo, or even accelerate it, premature ejaculation is unavoidable. On the other hand, you don’t want to slow down the tempo, and thereby interrupt her rhythm. For her, that’s like slamming on the brakes just before the finish line – and that’s equally unsatisfying.

What can be done?

Many “sex-guides” recommend that men think of something else (as un-erotic as possible), in order to restrain their own arousal and avoid a premature orgasm. But hey, let’s be honest: who, when engaged in the “most beautiful leisure activity in the world,” wants to think about something un-erotic? Besides, it seems a lot like a struggle with one’s own body. Meanwhile, satisfaction– at least for the man – falls by the wayside.

The Solution:

The solution to the problem is simple: “come” and keep right on going! Now, you might be thinking: “Say what? By then my erection’s long gone! You can’t play pick-up-sticks with wet spaghetti noodles!”

The Secet to Male Multiple Orgasm and other sex skills,” shows that things don’t have to be this way. EVERY man can learn to maintain his erection after the first orgasm, and to have several more orgasms on top of that.

The MO-technique (Multiple Orgasm Technique)

  • an ancient Chinese technique, confirmed by modern research and improved for maximum effect
  • EVERY man can learn the MO-technique  (no matter how old, how experienced or how potent)
  • the MO-technique has positive effects for both sexuality and health

Why is the MO-technique relatively unknown?

The MO-technique itself is already very old. The first known indications come from China, where this knowledge was kept secret by noblemen and wealthy merchants. For this reason, one point in the genital region is tellingly referred to by Chinese teaching as the “point of a million gold pieces” (more on this in the book). This knowledge was very precious at the time. In our culture, the sexual development of a young man is still often taboo. During the first sexual experiences with one’s own body, most boys, conditioned by a bad conscience, masturbate “on the sly.” The fear of being caught is too great. Since the technique they learn leads to “success” (orgasm), there is little reason to experiment further or to change one’s technique later. But the MO-technique can be learned by anyone who’s prepared to set aside their old ways of thinking, and to set out on a new experience with their own body.

Your Advantages:

  • Enjoy full control over your body!
  • No need to be afraid of “coming too soon” –  with the MO-technique you can maintain your erection and experience further orgasms
  • Premature ejaculation is now a thing of the past, once and for all
  • Women love the prolonged lovemaking that results. Finally, she can relish her own ability to have multiple orgasms. Those times are long gone when she’d “almost” reach orgasm. Now you can experience several orgasms together.
  • You’ll become your partner’s dream lover. If you don’t have a partner as of yet, then this technique is just right for making your next lover “addicted” to your sexual abilities.
  • Help with potency problems: Your sexual self-confidence will increase once you master the MO-technique.
  • Help with many organic potency problems. In addition, the training helps prevent prostate problems!
  • You’ll learn a technique that most men don’t know about.


The Guide:

„The Secret to Male Multiple Orgasms and other sex skills“


  • You’ll be initiated into the secret to male multiple orgasms
  • The book is a complete training program, which guides you step by step to success.
  • You’ll find exercises both with and without a partner, in order to have fun learning the MO-technique.
  • I guarantee that YOU can learn the ability to have multiple orgasms with this guide.
  • If you’re not completely satisfied with the MO-technique, you’ll get yourmoney back. No time limit, no risk for you!
  • Along with the ability to have multiple orgasms, you’ll also learn many other sex skills.
  • Continued support after your reading! In case you have questions after reading, you can pose them in the forum, for the author and for other readers. Here, further practice tips and experiences will be exchanged. A real special feature of this book!
  • BONUS: The book contains a chapter on the topic of penis enlargement.Ever received the annoying spam e-mails. What they try to sell you for big money, I’ll give you as a free bonus! Alongside many dubious promises, there really do exist a couple of exercises that can be helpful in this sphere. Allow yourself to be surprised!
  • A loose style, understandable language, and an appropriate dash of humor make this book a real joy to read.
  • You can order the book in several versions, according to your individual preferences.

Here is what others say about the program:

“ Graditude – This book is for any person interested in increasing their abilities as a lover. It is a wonderful guide but not a quick fix. The fun thing is how engaging the material is. Its like the book says, if you want to become a better lover you have to practice practice practice! I don’t regret reading this book , in fact I will reread this as i continue to learn.”


Ralph, 35

“ It actually works! I was very skeptical when I first learned about the book. It sounded “too good do be true” – and all this marketing talk sounded a bit fishy to me. I researched the topic and found out two things: 1. male multiple orgasms actually exist – and 2. your book seems to be the best on the market. (The original german edition seems to be a real bestseller with many positive reviews.) Since you give a money back guarantee I decided to try it out…and wow boy, was I surprised! It is indeed a fun read but also a real training program. And the most important thing: it really works! I was surprised to learn so many new things. I am absolutely satisfied!”


Michael, 42

“ Thank you so much! I learned a lot about myself and can control my body much better. Thank you for giving me sexual freedom! I can now really enjoy sex without the anxiety I had before. I learned the technique in 3 weeks and now my sexlife is at a whole new level. ”


Ben, 24

“ First of all, I’d like to thank you for your book! One’s always trying to understand the female body, instead of starting with yourself, and getting to know and understand yourself!… …Many thanks once again for everything you’ve done for us men, who previously believed that the ability to remain standing was a gift of nature, and therefore only a matter of pure luck.”



Guarantee-Money_Back100 % Money Back guarantee

I am absolutely convinced that you are satisfied with the book. If you don’t like it you get your money back, no questions asked.

You have 60 days, so you can take your time reading and trying out the techniques.

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